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The CAP18F9 Floor Mounted 90 Degree Pass Thru airlock cleanroom entry system is designed for those cleanrooms where space limits require a 90 Degree turn in the Floor-Mounted Pass Thru. As with all CAP Pass Thrus, the CAP18F9 is built with an innovative double wall design, stainless steel integrity, are connected and solid construction. The CAP18F9 is built with formed and stitch-welded stainless are connected with stainless steel continuous flush-mounted hinges, and feature generously sized clearTempered Safety Glass viewing windows.Doors are secured with heavy duty over center stainless steel compression latches that tightly sealagainst closed-cell PVC foam door gaskets. An optional interlock prevents depressurization from bothdoors from being opened at the same time.The double-wall design of the CAP18F9 features smooth, durable surfaces that are easy to clean. Mechanical parts are concealed and protected by service panels that are easy to remove for maintenanceand cleaning. The superior engineering of the CAP18F9 design and stainless steel construction meansmaximum value, flexibility and ease of use. It can be mounted flush or center mounted for efficiencywith stainless steel mounting frames. The CAP18F9 Pass-Thru maximizes the efficient use of space in cleanrooms, and its elegant look upgrades the appearance of any cleanroom. Specify CAP18F9R for the Right Hand Turn, or Cap18F9L for the Left-Hand turn. Mechanical door interlocks are optionally available to prevent both doors from opening at the sametime, which minimizes cleanroom depressurization and contamination from outside air infiltration.
  • NO INTEGRATED FLOOR so carts can roll freely
  • Formed and stitch-welded type 304 #4 finish stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel continuous flush-mount hinges
  • Clear tempered safety glass viewing windows
  • Closed-cell PVC foam door gaskets
  • Type 316 stainless steel lever compression door latches
  • Magnetic Interlock
  • 8 Piece Stainless Steel Mounting Frame
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