The CAP18FVS Floor Mounted Manual Vertical Sliding Doors Pass Thru airlock cleanroom entry system is for the efficient transfer of large parts and wheeled carts in and out of a cleanroom with sliding vertical doors that provide access in confined spaces or where a standard swing door is not suitable. The CAP18FVS balances high quality construction and designed-in value in several ways.  Built with an innovative double wall design, stainless steel integrity and solid construction, the CAP18FVS has a “lipless” floor design that permits carts to smoothly roll in and out, while the double wall construction stands up to accidental bumping.  The counter-weighted doors are easily opened and closed with anodized aluminum door pulls, and generously sized clear acrylic viewing windows enhance safety and convenience.  The CAP18FVS is a space-saving solution for cleanroom access that provides an elegant look to yourcleanroom.
  • NO INTEGRATED FLOOR so carts can roll freely
  • Formed and stitch-welded type 304 #4 finish stainless steel construction
  • Counter-weighted, manually-operated, vertical sliding doors
  • Clear acrylic viewing windows
  • Anodized aluminum door pulls
  • Push Rod Interlock
  • 6 Piece Stainless Steel Mounting Frame
  • Maximum interior width: 92 inches
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