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The CAP18WBD wall mounted, Bio-Design pass thru cabinet is designed for bio-containment “germ free” applications requiring aseptic cleaning. Unique double wall construction, which encases and protects the mechanical interlock further facilitates cleaning. The cabinet floor is completely flush; there is no “lip” to clean around. The seamless interior is smooth, with formed radius corners to prevent collection of particulates in the corners or edges, and any spills are easily wiped up. The gasketed access panels are easy to clean or remove for maintenance. The stainless steel doors feature a poured polyurethane gasket which seals to the cabinets knife edge hatch opening. This eliminates any seams that could harbor contamination. Every surface of the door can be thoroughly cleaned. Lift off hinges allow the doors to be removed and cleaned separately. Durable 16 gauge stainless steel construction ensures years of operation.