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Custom Fan Filter Units

Clean Air Products offers custom fan filter units for our standard and custom cleanroom systems. Our CAP116 custom fan filters are self-contained, vertical-flow modules that can be tailored to meet your unique performance and application requirements.
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CAP116 Custom Fan Filters

Our CAP116 custom cleanroom fan filter units consist of an upper cabinet housing the prefilters, HEPA or ULPA main filters, blower motors, and lights. It is available in both Standard and Low Profile designs. Either design can be constructed to hang from your ceiling, mount with a frame, or mount with four (4) posts.
These self-contained, vertical-flow custom fan filter units can be wall mounted or suspended from the ceiling. Designed to allow servicing of the filter, blower and lights from the front of the unit, CAP116 custom fan filters are ideal for applications where access from the ceiling side of your cleanroom is limited or restricted. Prefilters can be located on the top or front of the fan filter.


Standard HEPA filter provides 99.99% efficiency on particles 0.3 microns are larger. Optional ULPA filters provide 99.999% percent efficiency on particles as small as 0.12 microns. Filters are removable through the front panel of the unit for easy maintenance.


Air flow velocity is factory-set in accordance with Federal Standard 209E (90 ± 20 FPM). Blower/motor assemblies are sized to provide proper air flow with a minimum 50% increase in HEPA filter pressure drop. This ensures years of reliable service from your custom fan filter unit without changing the HEPA filter.

Blower/Motor Assembly

CAP116 custom cleanroom fan filters utilize PSC direct drive motors with dynamically balanced blower wheels. Each blower/motor assembly is double vibration isolated from the cabinet to provide exceptional vibration control. The motor itself is vibration isolated from the blower via multiple shear rubber isolation mounts. Assembly is further vibration isolated from the fan filter unit itself by a second set of isolation mounts. A flexible duct connection between the blower and metal filter supply plenum also serves to reduce vibration. All blower/motor assemblies feature speed controls mounted on the inside which can be adjusted to compensate for extra pressure drop caused by loading or contamination buildup on the HEPA filter surface.

Features of CAP116 Custom Fan Filter Units

  • White painted steel shell (standard)
  • Interior lights
  • Front light blower switch
  • Speed control
  • Front or top mounted prefilters
  • Designed to allow maintenance of blowers, filters, and lights from front of unit

Custom Fan Filter Unit Options

  • ULPA filter (99.999%)
  • Power cord
  • Front and/or rear mounted prefilters
  • Light diffuser grill
  • Stainless steel housing
  • 220V 50Hz power
  • 16 size options from 30” x 50.5”  to 54” x 98.5”
Standard cleanroom fan filters are also available.

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Our custom fan filter units allow you to create a completely custom cleanroom solution for your facility. Request a quote or contact Clean Air Products for a custom cleanroom fan filter that meets your unique specifications.