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Clean Benches

For facilities that process clean-critical products in quantities too low to justify the cost of a full cleanroom, a cleanroom bench is the perfect solution. For others, it may be more cost-efficient to build a lower-class cleanroom and supplement it with clean benches that are rated to a higher class.
Whatever your need, Clean Air Products’ laminar flow cleanroom benches can be used to create high purity micro-environments inside or outside a cleanroom. We offer a range of both horizontal and vertical laminar flow benches, in standard and custom styles, to meet your cleanroom needs.
For more information on Clean Air Products' clean benches, download the white paper "How to specify a clean bench."

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Standard Clean Room Benches

Our standard cleanroom benches are an easy and effective way to create a freestanding, ultra-clean mini-environment. Class 100 (ISO Class 5) and Class 10 (ISO Class 4) standard cleanroom benches are available to meet your needs. HEPA filtration and powerful horizontal or vertical laminar air flow “washes” away particulates and prevents contaminants from entering the clean work zone.

Features of Standard Cleanroom Benches

  • 16 gauge or 18 gauge steel shell (varies by model)
  • White powder coat or white vinyl coating (varies by model)
  • HEPA filter with epoxy-painted steel protective grill
  • Creates a Class 100 (ISO Class 5) or Class 10 (ISO Class 4) cleanroom mini-environment
  • Solid state variable speed motor controller
  • Fiberglass prefilter(s)
See individual product listings for additional information and specifications.

Size Options for Standard Cleanroom Benches

We provide our standard cleanroom benches in an array of sizes to fit your workspace. Simply specify the dimensions you need—outside width, outside height, work area width, and work area height. Configurable dimensions and available sizes vary by model.
  • Outside width: from 38.5” to 122.5” (978 to 3,122 mm)
  • Outside height: from 44.5625” to 80.5” (1,132 to 2,043 mm)
  • Outside depth: from 34” to 58” (864 to 1,473 mm)
  • Inside width: from 34” to 118” (864 to 2,997 mm)
  • Inside depth: from 30” to 54” (762 to 1,372 mm)
  • Work area width: from 34.25” to 118.375” (870 mm to 3,007 mm)
  • Work area height: from 22.25” to 46.25” (565 to 1,175 mm)

Custom Clean Room Benches

Clean Air Products’ custom clean room benches are designed for more specialized applications. These compact cleanroom solutions are designed to fit on shelves, to sit on counters or tabletops, or as freestanding units.

Numerous options are available, including horizontal laminar flow clean benches, vertical laminar flow wash through base clean benches, vertical laminar flow exhausting clean benches, and recirculating clean benches, among others.

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