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Hard wall cleanrooms are modular cleanrooms constructed of hard panels mounted between anodized aluminum posts to create a fully enclosed area. The rigid wall construction allows for higher internal air pressures than softwall clean rooms can achieve, helping to minimize dirty air entering and giving you a better and more consistent performance. Hard wall clean rooms are easy to assemble and reassemble and are recommended for ISO Class 5-8 cleanrooms.

Clean Air Products’ modular hardwall cleanrooms are designed for outstanding performance and aesthetic appeal. We design and manufacture recirculating and non-recirculating hard wall modular cleanrooms in a range of standard sizes and configurations, as well as custom modular cleanrooms that are tailored to your unique specifications

What Is the Difference Between Hardwall vs. Softwall Cleanrooms?

Both hardwall and softwall clean rooms are prefabricated, modular structures that prevent contamination in a specified work area, but there are specific differences you should consider before selecting an option for your application.
Hard wall cleanrooms have hard, demountable walls to create a fully enclosed modular cleanroom. They are highly effective at preventing an area from becoming contaminated by airborne particles and can be used for applications where temperature and humidity control are critical.  Hardwall clean rooms also provide a sharper aesthetic and can be combined to create a cleanroom that meets your size requirements.
Softwall cleanrooms are modular cleanrooms with a soft-sided, tent-like structure. They are smaller and more portable than hard wall clean rooms and can be easily assembled as free-standing structures or suspended from a ceiling. They are effective at containing dust and since the walls are soft and flexible, they can easily be installed virtually anywhere. These prefabricated cleanrooms are typically less expensive than hard wall cleanrooms.

For more information on Clean Air Products' hardwall clean rooms, download the white paper "How to select a clean room."
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Why Choose A Modular Cleanroom?

Clean Air Products’ freestanding modular hard wall clean rooms will significantly reduce your design, engineering, and construction times and costs. They offer a number of other distinct advantages over fixed-wall cleanrooms, as well:
  • Because it’s not a permanent part of your larger structure, a modular cleanroom can be disassembled and relocated, moved to another facility, or even sold as an asset.
  • Our modular hardwall clean rooms are easy to expand: simply remove one (or more) walls and add another clean room module. Our prefabricated designs allow your cleanroom to be expanded, reconfigured in a different layout, or divided into multiple smaller rooms.
  • All air handling and filtration units are built into the ceiling of our modular clean rooms; hookups for plumbing and electrical are engineered-in for easy installation and setup.
  • While it can take several months to build a fixed-wall cleanroom (owing to the amount of design, engineering, and construction involved), Clean Air Products can build and install a sophisticated modular hard wall cleanroom in just a few weeks. Onsite assembly of our modular clean rooms is also significantly less disruptive to your day-to-day operations.

Hardwall Modular Clean Room Construction Considerations

There are two standard types of modular hardwall clean rooms: recirculating and non-recirculating. Your product and process requirements will determine which type is best-suited to your company’s needs. Click here for information on common industry standards and cleanroom performance requirements.

Clean Air Products offers both recirculating and non-recirculating modular cleanrooms and will help you decide which option is right for you. Contact us today to discuss your prefabricated cleanroom requirements.

Recirculating Modular Cleanrooms

As the name suggests, a recirculating modular cleanroom recirculates the air within and prevents that air from mixing with outside air—this allow for better control of temperature and humidity. Air is recirculated through HEPA filters, located in the ceiling of the clean room, using air return chambers built into the walls of the clean room. In a recirculating modular cleanroom, less contamination load is put on the HEPA filters because the system is continually recycling previously cleaned air. This helps filters last longer and perform better.

Non-Recirculating Modular Cleanrooms

Also called a “single pass cleanroom,” a non-recirculating modular cleanroom draws in air from above the room through the HEPA filters. The filtered air is blown into the cleanroom, and it exits via either a small gap located below the walls or through adjustable wall grills. With no need for return air ductwork, non-circulating modular clean rooms are less costly than recirculating clean rooms.

Custom Prefabricated Clean Room Options

Clean Air Products offers a line of standard hardwall modular cleanrooms, as well as custom hard wall modular cleanrooms that are tailored to your application and performance requirements.
To create the perfect cleanroom for your facility, our modular cleanrooms include a wide variety of customizable features. The overall size and configuration, the location of entry/exit doors and pass-throughs, even the wall material can be customized to meet your unique needs.
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Hardwall Modular Cleanroom Installation

Our hardwall prefabricated clean rooms are designed for fast and easy onsite installation. All components are prefabricated at our factory. In most cases, complete installation and setup at your facility can be completed in less than a week, after you receive your shipment.

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Clean Air Products designs and manufactures a full line of standard and custom hard wall cleanrooms, as well as softwall cleanroomsair showers, and more. Request a quote or contact us for a hard wall clean room for your unique applications.