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How to Select a Cleanroom

Selecting a cleanroom for a new business or new product is not as difficult as it may seem. While there are many options and features to consider, focusing on your key requirements will help make the decision making process easier.

How to Select a Pass Thru

Pass-thru cabinets (also called pass-thru airlocks) are a component of a cleanroom system and play an important role in reducing contamination. Clean manufacturing environments that are free of dust and bacteria are requirements not only in the production of medical devices and pharmaceuticals but are also an increasingly common requirement of the modern manufacturing industry.

How to Select a Softwall Cleanroom

Unlike their fixed-wall counterparts, softwall cleanrooms are generally smaller, portable and can fit into tight spaces. The portable design enables the cleanroom units to be easily moved to another location or disassembled and stored. Because of their relative low cost, softwall cleanrooms are ideal for small or startup businesses, or manufacturers looking for a quick, easy way to expand their cleanroom operations.

How to Select an Air Shower

Air showers quickly and effectively remove particulate that would otherwise be carried into the cleanroom; high air-flow volume combined with high nozzle velocity provide the power and force necessary for optimal operation.

How to Select a Clean Bench

Whether you’re considering a clean bench to protect a specific activity in a laboratory, testing
 and inspection area or on the manufacturing floor — or to supplement an existing cleanroom — clean benches can be an ideal solution for controlling particulate in a selected work area. Clean benches can be specified from a wide range of configurations and options to achieve a cost-effective particulate-controlled environment for any product or process.