Cleanroom products for Life Sciences

The life science industry includes various fields such as pharmaceuticals, biomedical devices, biotechnology, biomedical technology, environmental sciences, and other research and development industries. Those who work in these fields are often biomedical scientists, biochemists, microbiologists, biotechnologists and others involved in clinical research and product development.
Whether it’s testing an implantable device or manufacturing a life-saving drug, life sciences operations often require low particulate environments. We offer a broad array of modular cleanrooms and cleanroom products for a variety of life science applications ranging from pharmaceutical research to medical device production. Plus, we also give you the support you need to get the modular cleanroom configuration that completely meets your needs.

Modular Life Science Cleanrooms

Within laboratory settings modular cleanrooms provide the proper sterile work area for many types of laboratory devices. A modular cleanroom is also used to prevent contamination of samples in PCR and other life science applications. In hospital and healthcare pharmacies, these clean benches are installed for the preparation of sterile IV solutions. Our modular cleanrooms are available in standard and custom options and are designed to serve all the life science industries, including:
  • Medical Devices: Providing safe, contaminant-free manufacturing of devices that are inserted into the human body
  • Pharmaceuticals/Biopharmaceuticals: For the development, production and packaging of drugs and vaccines
  • Biotechnology: To accommodate sensitive laboratory testing and experiments easily affected by even the slightest trace of contaminations.
  • Microbiology: Creating a clean environment for the study of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.

Laminar Flow Features for Life Science Cleanrooms

The laminar flow of our modular cleanrooms provides solutions for all life science industries. Laminar flow works by drawing in ambient air using fan, then pushing the air through the HEPA filter. Our life science cleanrooms also have an option for full-ceiling HEPA filter coverage for laboratories and other life science applications requiring an extremely high level of cleanliness.

Life Science Pass Thrus for Preventing Cleanroom Contamination

Pass thrus are wall- or floor-mounted chambers that are used to transfer items from one cleanroom to another. Life science pass thrus come in various sizes and minimize contamination by reducing the number of people that enter and exit a cleanroom on a regular basis. Pass thru chambers are easy to sanitize and feature the same HEPA filtration as our life science cleanrooms. There are several life science applications that utilize pass thrus, including the manufacturing and packaging of:
  • Implantable medical devices
  • Vaccines
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • And more

Learn More About Our Life Science Cleanroom Options

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