We offer cleanroom solutions to meet a wide range of industry requirements. We have modular hardwall cleanroomspass-thrusair showers, and other high quality products for all clean-critical applications. Some of the industries we serve most often are listed below, but whatever your cleanroom needs may be, you can count on Clean Air Products for the solution(s) you need.

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Cleanroom products for Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Clean Air Products’ cleanrooms and related products are ideal for medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical processing, biotech companies, and similar applications. We are your #1 source for cleanroom solutions for the life sciences industry.
Cleanroom products for Compounding Pharmacies

Compounding Pharmacies

The pharmaceutical industry depends on clean benches and pass-thru cabinets for their everyday applications. Our pass-thru cabinets for pharmacies are strong, durable, easily cleaned and provide a superior look to your cleanroom setting. In addition, Clean Air Products’ clean benches for pharmaceutical applications are equipped with HEPA filters to provide Class 100 (ISO 5) working environments and are pre-assembled and ready for operation.

Cleanroom products for Electronics and Optics

Electronics & Optics 

Even the smallest contaminants can cause big problems when processing sensitive electronic devices and optics. Clean Air Products’ cleanroom solutions are ideal for semiconductor fabrication, PCB manufacturing, fiber optics production, and other operations in this demanding industry.
Cleanroom products for Manufacturing and Processing

Manufacturing & Processing

Aerospace, automotive, computer, and many other manufacturing processes require clean and particle-free environments to guarantee product quality and performance. Clean Air Products has the technology and the expertise to supply the perfect cleanroom products for any manufacturing operation.
Cleanroom products for Laboratories and Research Facilities

Laboratory & Research 

For industrial labs, healthcare facilities, academic institutions, and other laboratory settings, even the most minor particulate contamination can be disastrous, ruining test results or worse. Clean Air Products’ innovative cleanroom products help researchers maintain the clean-critical environments they need.

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