Clean Air Products videos allow you to view our cleanroom products as they are being used in real world industrial applications. Our cleanroom video resource library consists of numerous industrial applications that utilize our cleanroom products. Our cleanroom video category options consist of:

  • Pass thru videos
  • Air shower videos
  • Clean bench videos
  • Cleanroom furniture videos
  • Softwall cleanroom videos
  • Hardwall cleanroom videos

Pass Thru Videos

Our pass thru videos highlight Clean Air Products cleanrooms that utilize pass thru entrances and exits. The pass thru videos thoroughly demonstrate our various pass thru options.

Air Shower Videos

Clean Air Products air shower videos clearly demonstrate our various air shower models. Our air shower videos clearly show the features of each of our models.

Air Shower Tunnel with Photo Eye Activation:

Clean Air Products Roll Up Door Air Showers:

Clean Bench Videos

Our collection of clean bench videos highlights the overall benefits of our clean bench products. Clean Air Products clean bench videos clearly demonstrate the features and benefits of these models.

Exhausting Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Bench from Clean Air Products:

Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Bench from Clean Air Products:

Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood - Skid Removal Process:

Cleanroom Furniture Videos

Our cleanroom furniture videos highlight the features and benefits of our cleanroom furniture options. Clean Air Products cleanroom furniture videos allow the viewer to access our cleanroom furniture models first hand.

Flame Retardant Polypropylene Fume Hood from Clean Air Products:

Cleanroom Storage Cabinet from Clean Air Products:

Softwall Cleanroom Videos

Clean Air Products softwall cleanroom videos provide detailed information regarding our softwall cleanrooms. Our softwall cleanroom videos clearly demonstrate the features and benefits of our softwall cleanroom models.

577F in use at Pehlam Plastics:

577F in use at Empire Medical Molding:

577F in use at General Digital:

Hardwall Cleanroom Videos

Our catalog of hardwall cleanroom videos provides the necessary information regarding our hardwall cleanroom options. Clean Air Products hardwall cleanroom videos highlight the beneficial features of these cleanroom models.

591 in use at Quality Tech Services:

591 in use at Lifetime Service Center:

591 in use at Metro Mold:

591 in use at Metro Mold:

591 in use at AmeriPride:

Hardwall Cleanroom from Clean Air Products:

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