Cleanroom products for Manufacturing and Processing

Some products require production in a clean and particle-free environment, and many testing protocols require similar environmental controls. We offer a wide variety of modular cleanrooms for manufacturing and cleanroom products for processing industries. Whatever the need, count on Clean Air Products for modular cleanrooms, cleanroom products, and the processing solutions required to get you the right cleanroom configuration for your application.

Modular Cleanrooms for Manufacturing & Processing Industries

Increasing requirements for product excellence and process dependability require a clean environment during manufacturing, treating and processing, and storage. Clean room technology plays an increasingly dynamic role within the manufacturing and processing industries. Our experience includes:

Aerospace Cleanrooms

Some of the common uses for aerospace cleanrooms include research & development (R&D), quality control labs, performance testing and similar applications. Aerospace cleanrooms are also used for building and maintaining aerospace components. Modular cleanrooms for manufacturing provide a range of options, including:
  • Providing a climate-controlled environment
  • Containing and filtering fumes from the application of paints and coatings
  • Filtering dust and other particle contaminants
  • Providing enclosures for welding and finishing
  • Creating a controlled environment for prototype testing
  • Controlling access to areas requiring a higher level of security

Automotive Cleanrooms

In the automotive industry, cleanrooms are often utilized for testing and assembly. Modular automotive cleanrooms provide a clean and controlled environment where parts can be assembled, painted and finished without the risk of contamination. Reduced airborne contamination risk is especially important for sensitive components and preventing costly product defects.

Computer Peripherals Cleanrooms

The production and assembly of computer peripherals such as keyboards, monitors, printers, scanners and other components require a controlled environment to prevent damaging product contamination. Modular cleanrooms for processing industries create a filtered, anti-static environment that protects sensitive components during production and assembly.

Laminar Flow Features for Modular Cleanrooms

The laminar flow of our modular cleanrooms for processing industries provide anti-static cleanroom solutions for a variety of manufacturing & processing applications. Laminar flow modular cleanrooms for manufacturing use fans to draw in ambient air that is then pushed through the HEPA filter. This provides clean air circulation without disrupting particles that could then settle on the surface of parts and components.

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