Cleanroom products for Manufacturing and Processing

Some products require production in a clean (particle-free) environment. Some testing protocols require similar environmental controls. We offer a wide variety of modular cleanrooms and cleanroom products for (manufacturing/aerospace/automotive/computer peripheral) applications. Whatever the need, count on Clean Air Products for modular cleanrooms, cleanroom products, and the processing solutions required to get you the right cleanroom configuration for your application.

Modular Cleanrooms Manufacturing & Processing Applications

Increasing requirements for product excellence and process dependability require a clean environment during manufacturing, treating and processing, and storage. Clean room technology plays an increasingly dynamic role within the manufacturing and processing industries. Our experience includes:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Computer peripherals

Modular Cleanroom Laminar Flow

The laminar flow of our modular cleanrooms provides anti-static cleanroom solutions for the manufacturing & processing industries. Laminar flow works by drawing in ambient air using fans. The ambient air is then pushed through the HEPA filter.

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