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Softwall Cleanrooms

Clean Air Products’ modular softwall cleanrooms are designed for functionality and reduced cost, while delivering all the benefits of modular construction. These tent-like softwall clean rooms are lightweight and easy to assemble. They can be installed as freestanding structures or hung from the ceiling of your building.

Unlike hardwall cleanrooms, our softwall cleanrooms enclosures are generally smaller, more portable, and can fit into tight spaces. The portable design makes it easy to move, disassemble, store, and use as a temporary cleanroom. They’re an ideal solution for anyone looking for a quick and easy way to expand their clean room operations.

For more information on Clean Air Products' softwall portable cleanrooms, download the white paper "Softwall Modular Cleanrooms."

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Softwall Clean Room Size & Classification Options

We offer a full line of softwall modular cleanrooms in a range of classifications and standard sizes, as well as custom softwall cleanrooms to match your unique specifications. Our plastic cleanrooms use negative air pressure meaning that the air pressure outside of the room is higher than the pressure in the room. Negative air pressure is accomplished by having an air tight clean room that filters air out of the room.

Standard sizes for softwall clean room enclosures range from 4-feet by 4-feet up to 24-feet by 36-feet. Larger sizes or nonstandard dimensions can be designed and built to meet any space requirements. Because of their modular design, our softwall clean rooms can be expanded or reduced in size without disassembling the entire cleanroom.

Clean Air Products’ softwall cleanrooms are available in a variety of classifications. The most popular classifications range from Class 100,000 (ISO 8) to Class 10 (ISO 4).

Unique Modular Construction 

The basic building block of our modular design is the ceiling grid framework. Made up of tubular steel beams with T-bar cross members, this interlocking ceiling grid system enables easy assembly and expansion of the clean room. The ceiling is supported by tubular steel legs at each corner and reinforced with heavy-gauge, triangular steel gussets.  The simple assembaly process gives you the option to make these plastic cleanroom tents tempory and portable.

Powered HEPA filter units, lighting systems, and ceiling panels are sealed to the grid with gasket material. 

Ceiling Height

Our softwall cleanrooms enclosures are available with standard ceiling heights of 8-, 9-, or 10-feet. Various custom heights are available, depending on your unique application requirements. A two inch minimum is required between the filter unit and the facility ceiling; standard filter unit height is 16 inches.

Cleanroom Size Considerations

Without a center support, the maximum size of Clean Air Products softwall clean rooms is 12-feet by 12-feet. Larger cleanrooms can be constructed with additional support legs within the structure. For example, a 16-foot by 20-foot clean room would require one internal support leg; a 20-foot by 32-foot softwall cleanroom would require three internal support legs.

Other options are available for clear spans without support posts. For example, ceiling-suspended modular cleanrooms eliminate the need for legs and columns altogether. A configuration like this allows for a clean room that can easily accommodate the equipment layout you need for maximum floor space utilization.

Softwall Cleanroom Wall & Door Construction

The walls of our standard softwall cleanrooms are manufactured from clear, flame retardant, 40mil thick vinyl. Low outgassing and static-dissipative materials are available upon request.
Most of our softwall clean rooms utilize vinyl strip doors for entry/exit doorways. Standard strip doors consist of eight-inch wide, 80mil thick strips, with two-inch overlap. To enter or exit, simply push apart the strips; strips automatically reseal as they come back together. Strip doors are pre-assembled and easy to mount to the frame. 

Optional Softwall Cleanroom Features

  • Custom sizes and heights
  • Anterooms or gowning rooms
  • Casters with brakes for a mobile cleanroom setup (not recommended for cleanrooms larger than 12-feet by 12-feet)
  • Pass-through chambers
  • Yellow or opaque curtains
  • Stainless steel frames 

Softwall Portable Clean Room Installation

Clean Air Products’ modular softwall cleanrooms are prefabricated at our factory for quick and easy installation. In most cases, customers can install their cleanroom onsite within one to two days. Electrical connections are simplified via a continuous, plug-together wiring system.

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Clean Air Products designs and manufactures a full line of standard and custom softwall portable cleanrooms, as well as hardwall cleanroomsair showers, and more. Request a quote or contact us for a softwall clean room for your unique application.