Cleanroom products for Laboratories and Research Facilities

In a research setting, particulate contamination may be deadly to the accuracy of results. We specialize in the manufacturing of controlled environment cleanrooms and cleanroom products to establish environmental control for your specific situation. We’ll partner with you to ensure you get the cleanroom that provides the laboratory/research solutions that delivers the environmental control you need.

Modular Cleanrooms Laboratory & Research Applications

Increasing requirements for product excellence and process dependability require a clean environment during manufacturing, treating and processing, and storage. Clean room technology plays an increasingly dynamic role within laboratory and research settings. We’ve worked with researchers in a variety of settings, including:

  • Industrial labs
  • Academic institutions
  • Healthcare facilities

Modular Cleanroom Laminar Flow

The laminar flow of our modular cleanrooms provides environmental control solutions for laboratory and research settings. Laminar flow works by drawing in ambient air using fans. The ambient air is then pushed through the HEPA filter.

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