Cleanroom products for Compounding Pharmacies
Cleanroom products, equipment, and accessories for the pharmaceutical industry must meet strict regulations and standards of quality.  Pharmaceutical companies rely on state-of-the-art cleanrooms to produce high quality drugs and other types of life saving products. Pharmaceutical cleanroom supplies assist doctors and scientists working to maintain a contaminant free environment.

At Clean Air Products, we provide pharmaceutical cleanroom supplies that meet ISO Class 5 standards (Fed. Std. 209E Class 100) and ensure the highest quality working environment for your business. We will work with you to design pharmaceutical cleanroom products that match your exact specifications.

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Pharmaceutical Industry Standards

Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms are usually specified at ISO Class 5 to ISO Class 8 and apply to many cleanroom standards. Particulate is a concern however, specifically, viable particulate contamination, the ability to keep the room clean typically using modular or stick built components with integral cove bases, cove corners, and coved ceilings to maintain a cleanable surface condition is crucial under cleanroom standards.
Biotech and Pharmaceutical cleanrooms tend to be sanitized in different ways, and different products are applicable depending on the sanitization methods employed. Concealed areas for bacterial growth are unacceptable. These rooms typically use cleanroom technology that keeps the seal unbroken during sanitation and filter changes. Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical cleanrooms typically focus heavily on the following:
  • Pressurization Control
  • Elimination of Cross Contamination
  • Filtration of Outdoor & Indoor Air

Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Design Options

No matter your level of expertise or size of compounding pharmacy, our experienced sales engineers make it easy to select a pharmaceutical cleanroom that is designed to your specifications. We can also provide helpful insight on adhering to industry requirements. Available pharmaceutical cleanroom supplies include:

Medical Device Standards

The main objective of a medical device clean room is to eliminate surface contamination (viable particulate) on their products. Medical Device Cleanrooms are typically built under the cleanroom classifications ISO Class 7 and ISO Class 8 range. The manufacturing process of these products ensures that the surface of the product does not have particulate contamination when completed.
The Typical medical device process includes final packaging of the product for use to an end user. It is important that cleanliness level be maintained both from a cleanroom and personnel protocol standpoint. Important elements to consider, include:
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Contaminant Levels

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