Cleanroom products for Electronics and Optics

Contamination by even the smallest of particles can mean disaster for sensitive electronics equipment and high-performance optics. We offer a wide range of anti-static modular cleanrooms and cleanroom products for electronics/electronic components. In addition to our cleanroom products for the optical industry/optics cleaning, we also provide expertise that ensures you get the cleanroom solution that meets your exacting standards. 

Electronics Assembly Cleanrooms

A cleanroom is often necessary during the manufacturing and building process of electronic components and parts, due to their extremely high sensitivity to outside influences. Our electronics assembly cleanrooms provide:
  • HEPA filtration
  • Positive/negative air pressure
  • Temperature control
  • Monitoring systems
  • and more

Modular Cleanrooms Optics & Electronics Applications

Increasing requirements for product quality and process reliability require a clean environment during manufacturing, treating and processing, and for storage. Clean room technology plays an increasingly vital role within the optical and electronics industries. We have provided cleanroom configurations to these industries and more:

  • Semiconductor fabrication
  • Board manufacturing
  • Fiber optics production

Modular Cleanroom Laminar Flow

The laminar flow of our modular cleanrooms provides anti-static cleanroom solutions for the optical and electronics industries. Laminar flow works by drawing in ambient air using fans. The ambient air is then pushed through the HEPA filter.

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