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Standard Fan Filter Units

Clean Air Products’ standard clean room fan filters are self contained units that utilize HEPA filtration technology. Multiple options are available, including 0.3 micron or 0.12 micron filtration, to meet your specific cleanroom needs.
Request a quote on a standard fan filter for your cleanroom system, or contact Clean Air Products for more information.

CAP118 Standard Fan Filters

We use model CAP118 motorized units as our standard cleanroom fan filters. These self-powered, energy efficient modules draw in air through top mounted prefilters, and feature integral backward-curved blower/motor assemblies to blow HEPA- or ULPA-filtered air into the cleanroom.
Various mounting options make CAP118 fan filters easy to install in areas where overhead space is limited or where access is restricted. Our standard fan filter units are designed for installation on a T-bar ceiling grid, but can also be mounted on your cleanroom’s support frame or attached to a separate support structure.
Our standard fan filter units are suitable for Class 100,000 to Class 10 cleanrooms. Filter media is non-flammable.

Features of CAP118 Standard Cleanroom Fan Filters

  • Galvanized steel housing is standard (see below for options)
  • Backward curved direct drive motor/blower assembly
  • 185W 60Hz motor
  • Aluminum framed HEPA filter and fiberglass prefilter are standard
  • Variable speed control

Final Fan Filter Options

  • Anodized aluminum framed HEPA filter, 99.99% on 0.3 micron particles (standard)
  • Anodized aluminum framed ULPA filter, 99.999% on 0.12 micron particles

Fan Filter Housing Options

  • Galvanized steel (standard)
  • Type 304 #4 finish stainless steel
  • Type 316 #2b finish stainless steel
  • Powder coated cold rolled stainless steel (standard white)
  • Powder coated cold rolled stainless steel (custom color)
Custom fan filter units are also available.

Contact Us for High Performance HEPA Cleanroom Fan Filters

Clean Air Products is a leading provider of hardwall cleanrooms and softwall cleanrooms in both standard and custom configurations. Our standard cleanroom fan filter units provide reliable performance for all clean-critical applications. Request a quote or contact us to discuss standard fan filter options for your cleanroom system.