Industries Served

Our cleanroom solutions meet a range of industry needs. Let us put that experience and know-how to work for you.

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Life Sciences

Whether it’s testing an implantable device or manufacturing a life-saving drug, life sciences operations often require low particulate environments. We offer a broad array of modular cleanrooms and cleanroom products, plus we give you the support you need to get the cleanroom configuration that meets your needs completely. We serve all the life sciences, including:…

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Electronics & Optics

Contamination by even the smallest of particles can mean disaster for sensitive electronics equipment and high performance optics. Clean Air Products has modular cleanrooms and related cleanroom products, but what’s more, we offer expertise that ensures you get the cleanroom solution that meets your exacting standards. We have provided cleanroom configurations to these industries and…

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Manufacturing & Processing

Some products require production in a clean (particle-free) environment. Some testing protocols require similar environmental controls. Whatever the need, count on Clean Air Products for modular cleanrooms, cleanroom products and the know-how to get you the right cleanroom configuration for your application. Our experience includes: Aerospace Computer peripherals  

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Laboratory & Research

In a research setting particulate contamination may be deadly to the accuracy of results. Our specialty is providing controlled environments – cleanrooms – and we’ll partner with you to ensure you get the cleanroom solution that delivers the environmental control you need. We’ve worked with researchers in a variety of settings, including: Industrial labs Academic…