Minneapolis, Minnesota

Clean Air Products introduces CAP-583 Stainless Steel Hardwall Modular Cleanrooms for environments where cleanrooms must be washed down. This new modular cleanroom system incorporates features that make washdowns faster, easier and more thorough.  The system also has the flexibility to fit a variety of needs. Some manufacturing environments, like food and beverage processing and biopharmaceuticals manufacturing, call for washdowns to maintain safety and prevent product contamination. Washdowns can entail hot water, high-pressure steam and/or caustic cleaning solutions. This can be a time-consuming activity, but failure to follow washdown protocols can lead to unsafe and adulterated products.  That could mean fines, lawsuits, and loss of reputation.

Clean Air Products’ new CAP-583 Stainless Steel Hardwall Modular Cleanrooms save time and effort spent on washdowns with their corrosion-resistant, Type 304 stainless steel ceiling and wall panels. These panels withstand the rigors of washdown procedures and the #4 finish sheds water quickly. Double-wall construction protects wiring, plumbing, and ducts from cleaning processes, and ceiling and wall panels are joined with Bio*Seal for a secure, washable, water-tight seal. Also, radius edges at wall and ceiling joints shed water while return air ducts have a sloped bottom surface for quick draining. Stainless steel doors and frames are integrated into wall panels and all doors have National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved hinges for easy cleaning. CAP-583 Stainless Steel Hardwall Modular Cleanrooms can be tailored to the application. A variety of room air supply, viewing window, and lighting options are available. The new, stainless steel cleanrooms can be ordered in a variety of modular sizes, and custom sizes are available. CAP-583 Stainless Steel Hardwall Modular Cleanrooms can also be ordered without radius joints at corners and ceilings.

Clean Air Products designs and manufactures high-quality cleanroom systems, components, equipment and supplies for a broad range of applications. In business since 1969, Clean Air Products serves the semiconductor, biomedical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage processing, and aerospace/military industries, among others. For more information call 763.425.9122 or contact us