Hardwall Cleanrooms

Hardwall cleanrooms provide outstanding performance and aesthetic appeal. Their rigid-wall construction allows for higher internal air pressures than those in softwall cleanrooms, meaning better performance. Wall panels come in many materials. Windows and other accessories can be added to customize your hardwall cleanroom.

To learn about cleanroom selection criteria, construction considerations, performance, options and site considerations, download our white paper, “How to Select a Cleanroom.”

To learn about cleanroom classifications, click here.

  • CAP591 Vertical Flow Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms

    CAP591 Vertical Flow Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms

    CAP591 Vertical Flow Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms are the most versatile, customizable, affordable, modular hardwall cleanrooms available. They look great and perform even better. Large, clear walls offer good visibility into and out of the room. Anodized aluminum panels cover the filter and light area above the drop ceiling so the exterior has a clean appearance.

    Standard Features
    • Large open spans of up to 34 ft.
    • Interior clear height of 8 to 14 ft.
    • NEST-TIGHT ceiling grid system for strength and stability.
    • Attractive design
    • Easy to assemble
    • Easily expandable and upgradeable
    • Available as single pass or recirculating
    • Internal pressure adjustable up to 0.1 in. W.C.
    • Room Class 100,000 to Class 10
    • Multiple sizes available (See Size information.)

Special Configurations

Features Other Hardwall Cleanroom Designs
Washdown compatible design
Vertical Flow Hardwall Cleanroom
Metal wall construction with FFUs in a ceiling grid
Vertical Flow Hardwall Cleanroom
Full Ceiling Filter Plenum supported by floor-mounted blower cabinets
Vertical Flow Hardwall Cleanroom
Full Ceiling Filter Plenum supported by tubular steel posts
Vertical Flow Hardwall Cleanoom