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CAP 18W steel pass-thru for cleanroomsNew data sheets for pass-thru models 18W, 18WFB, 18WBD.

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Useful information for engineers and architects: AIR SHOWERS

Cleanroom Airlock and Shower Technology – An overview of the technology and classifications

OSHA Lead Requirements for Hygiene Facilities in Battery Manufacturing: Clothes Cleaning Air Shower used for Lead Dust Removal

Article about NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Spacecraft Assembly Facility Cleanroom and Air Shower

Japanese condo installs an Air Shower for allergy sufferers

Hynix Semiconductor uses Air Showers to prevent dust contamination

Research at the City University of Hong Kong using ozone-injected Air Showers to help prevent the spread of SARS – Virus Sterilizer and Air Shower

ALN magazine: How do Air Showers fit into a Contamination Reduction Plan?

Using Air Showers as part of a preventative program to reduce Beryllium Sensitization

World Health Organization – Good Manufacturing Practices for Pharmaceutical Products Containing Hazardous Substances

Texas Department of Health – Clarification of the Term “Airlock” for Asbestos Control.

“Cleanrooms in Pharmaceutical Production” by Mikhail Kitain – This thesis talks about the role of transfer/airlock hatches in a pharmaceutical cleanroom environment.

“World Health Organization: Guideline to the Inspection of Hormone Product Manufacturing Facilities” – This document talks about the role of pass-through hatches in the design and inspection of facilities that handle hormone products.

“World at work: Hospital pharmacy clean-rooms” – This article discusses the issues surrounding hospital pharmacy cleanrooms and mentions the use of transfer hatches in their design.