Free-Standing Vertical Laminar Flow Wash Out Base

(WO CAP412)
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The Series 412 vertical laminar flow clean benches are specifically designed to create a free-standing ultra-clean mini-environment. These clean benches, or mini-environments, are available in a variety of sizes and styles engineered to provide excellent solutions for many air filtration applications. The systems may vary from vertical flow benches with open interiors to exhausting clean benches with wet process, to recirculating temperature control Class10 systems. 
Clean benches can be used in conjunction with cleanrooms to create clean zones. They can also be used in lieu of or supplemental to a cleanroom. Often times in larger cleanrooms, there are a few“critical clean” areas. It is sometimes more cost-effective to build a lower-class cleanroom and supplement it with clean benches than it is to create a higher-class cleanroom. This is especially true when over 60% of a typical cleanroom floor space is an area where clean manufacturing or storage does not occur.