Floor-Mounted Fire Rated Pass-Thrus with Fire Door

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The CAP18FFR Floor Mounted Fire Rated Pass-Thru is specially designed for those cleanrooms in laboratories or manufacturing facilities to meet state and local fire codes in transporting larger volumes of flammable materials. The CAP18FFR design joins the CAP double-wall stainless steel body to a 90-minute white-painted steel fire-rated door with a 10-inch by 10-inch clear wire safety glass viewing window. The door connects to a white-painted steel door frame with a steel butt hinge and is secured with a chrome-plated door handle. The opposite side door is attached by a flush-mounted stainless steel continuous hinge, and that door has a stainless steel lever compression door latch. 
The innovative design and quality construction makes the CAP18FFR durable and easy to operate, with a smooth, strong easily-cleaned interior surface. An optional fire-rated mechanical interlock keeps air pressure in the cleanroom by preventing both doors from opening at the same time. Ideal for use in laboratories and facilities that must handle larger volumes of flammable materials, the CAP18FFR has a number of design options that make it an innovative and reliable solution for the floor-mounted transfer of flammable materials in specialized environments.