Double Walled - Floor-Mounted Cleanroom Pass-Thrus

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The CAP18F Floor Mounted Pass Thru airlock cleanroom entry system is for the efficient transfer of wheeled carts and large parts and equipment in and out of a cleanroom, reducing the need for people to enter the cleanroom. Built with an innovative double wall design, stainless steel integrity, and solid construction, the CAP18F is sturdy enough to handle bumps from cart traffic and is the most popular, high-value, high-quality solution for maintaining environmental integrity in cleanrooms that require a floor-mounted transfer system.
The CAP18F balances high quality and value in several ways. The double-wall stainless steel body makes the Pass-Thru rigid and suitable for different types of installations. The stainless steel doors have a generous-sized, tempered safety glass viewing window for maximum visibility. Doors feature stainless steel heavy duty over center compression latches that tightly seal against urethane door gaskets, and with aluminum-framed vinyl door sweeps, preserve air pressure in the cleanroom.

Mechanical door interlocks with 90-degree T-handle turn latches are optionally available to prevent depressurization from both doors from being opened at the same time. Ease of maintenance and cleaning distinguishes the CAP18F. Unlike many other brands of pass-thru hatches that leave mechanical parts and metal screw threads exposed to the user, the double wall body design of the CAP18F features interior service panels that conceal and protect mechanical parts yet are easy to remove for maintenance and cleaning.

The superior engineering of the CAP18F design and all stainless steel construction means maximum value, flexibility, and ease of use. Available in a wide range of sizes, door, and window option packages, the CAP18F is the efficient and elegant floor- mounted Pass Through solution for most cleanrooms.