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CAP19C-SST High-Purity Low Out-Gassing Desiccator Cabinets create sealed compartments that hold parts in a dry or nitrogen environment. They create a controlled environment for long-term storage of parts or material that will degrade when left in the normal atmosphere. Each compartment is sealed to form a separate, pressurized storage space.
  • Fully welded type 304 #4 finish stainless steel construction utilizing multiple compartment shells with seamless welded interiors
  • Shell welded in nitrogen-purged environment
  • Type 316L high purity stainless steel tubing and control valve
  • Type 316 stainless steel purge fittings and flow meter
  • Ambient temperature CDA (Clean Dry Air) gas purifier (0.003 micron filter)
  • All sheet metal parts cleaned using in-house triple chemical wash and assembled in a HEPA filtered clean environment
  • All hardware and purge components externally cleaned using dual cycle precision degreasing (2 solutions), multiple cycle deionized water rinse, nitrogen drying operation, and extended oven bake in a Class 100 cleanroom
  • Stainless steel door hinges and Type 316 stainless steel lever compression door latches
  • Formed type 304 #4 finish stainless steel door frames
  • Clear polycarbonate viewing windows mechanically fastened to door with stainless steel fasteners
  • Non-adhesive white polyurethane foam gasket mechanically fastened to doo