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The Series 301 is a general-purpose, horizontal flowclean bench ideally suited to many types of mechanicalor processing work. It is designed to provide an ISOClass 5 (Class 100) or ISO Class 4 (Class 10) cleanair environment suitable for laboratory work, testing,manufacturing, inspection and/or pharmaceuticaloperations.The clean HEPA-filtered air flows outward from thecabinet. This horizontal laminar flow air washes outparticulates and prevents contamination from enteringthe clean work zone. The cabinet features “clean edge”construction that puts the hood and table top in shearwith the media edge of the HEPA filter. This reducesturbulence along the sides of the hood, improves thelaminar flow, and prevents contamination infiltrationaround the perimeter of the hood.
  • 18 gauge White Vinyl Covered Steel shell
  • White Plastic Laminate Work Surface
  • Clear Polycarbonate Hood with Aluminum Frame
  • HEPA Filter with Epoxy Painted Steel Protective Grill provides Class 100 (ISO 5) working environment
  • Electronically ballasted fluorescent T8 lamps that produce 100 footcandles at the work surface
  • Separate Blower and Light power switches
  • Solid State variable speed motor controller
  • Convenience Receptacle (4 amps max) for auxiliary equipment
  • Fiberglass prefilter behind Hinged Louvered Grill
  • Adjustable Leg Leveling Glides
  • 120 Volt Single Phase 3-Wire with Power Cord
  • Shipped fully assembled, ready for operation