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Standard Pass-Thrus

A pass-through chamber, or cleanroom pass-thru, is an enclosed space with doors on opposite sides that acts as an airlock in a cleanroom to allow for the transfer of materials between the cleanroom and another space. A cleanroom pass-through can be floor or wall mounted.
Pass-throughs minimize the contaminant transfer and help maintain the cleanroom environment by reducing the number of people who enter a cleanroom. This not only protects manufacturing operations from contamination but helps increase operating efficiency and enables manufacturers to comply with industry quality standards. Cleanroom pass-thrus are used by a range of industries including pharmaceutical, medical, food processing, vehicles, and air and spacecraft.

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Wall-Mounted and Floor-Mounted Cleanroom Pass-Thrus

Clean Air Products provides a full line of standard pass-thru cabinets, pass-thru chambers, and pass-thru windows. We offer pass-through chambers in wall-mounted and floor-mounted configurations and in range of sizes to meet your unique requirements. 
Before choosing a cleanroom pass-through, you will need to consider the type and size of materials you will be transferring, and which level of pass-through your industry standards require. In many cases a basic stainless steel pass-through chamber is sufficient. Other applications, especially those requiring aseptic cleaning, may require a fully welded body for easier cleaning and sterilization, or a bio-design for the strictest isolation and sterilization policies. 

The standard pass-through designs shown below encompass most of our customers’ needs. We also offer custom pass-throughs that can be tailored to your specifications. Request a quote on a custom entry system for your cleanroom, or contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

Standard Wall-Mounted Cleanroom Pass-Throughs

All our standard cleanroom entry systems feature double-wall stainless steel construction that encases and protects the built-in mechanical interlock and facilitates cleaning. Wall-mounted pass-through chambers are ideal for smaller products and materials that are transferred by hand, or by roller bed or conveyor. 
Wall-Mounted Standard Pass-Through Windows
These standard pass-thru windows feature durable stainless steel construction, are easy to clean and maintain, and meet USP 800 cleaning requirements. The stainless steel interior is smooth and easy to wipe down, and the floor is completely flush, with no front “lip” to clean around.
Specially designed stainless steel doors feature a silicone bulb gasket that eliminates crevices that could harbor contamination and allows every surface of the door to be thoroughly cleaned. Flush-mounted access panels are easy to clean and to remove for maintenance.
Wall-Mounted Fully-Welded Body Standard Pass-Through Chambers
These pass-thru chambers are designed for aseptic manufacturing applications that require sterile yet easy cleaning. They feature a seamless interior with smooth, formed-radius corners that prevent particulate from collecting in corners and edges. Chamber floors are completely flush, with no “lip” at the front, and fully welded interior panels are easy to clean.
Wall-Mounted Bio Design Standard Pass-Through Cabinets
Designed for “germ free” bio-contaminant applications requiring aseptic cleaning, these standard pass-thru cabinets have seamless interiors with coved-radius corners that prevent particulate from accumulating in corners and at edges. The completely flush floor has no “lip” to clean around. Stainless steel doors wipe down easily and include seamless, poured polyurethane gaskets and knife-edge hatch openings. Lift-off hinges allow the doors to be removed and cleaned separately. 
Wall-Mounted HEPA Filtered Standard Pass-Through Chambers
These pass-thru chambers are designed to maintain control of particulates entering the cleanroom environment. An internal, motorized HEPA filter recirculates air through perforations in the chamber’s inner walls. Exceeds the US Department of Energy’s HEPA standards by removing 99.99% of airborne particles of 0.3 micrometers in diameter and larger.

Standard Floor-Mounted Cleanroom Pass-Thrus

Like our wall-mounted pass-thrus, all standard floor-mounted cleanroom pass-thrus are constructed from durable stainless steel. This style of cleanroom pass-thru is best suited for applications involving the transfer of large equipment or carts of materials. 
Floor-Mounted Standard Pass-Through Cabinets
These standard entry systems allow for the efficient transfer of large parts, equipment, and/or wheeled carts into and out of a cleanroom and minimize the need for personnel to enter the cleanroom environment. Sturdy enough to handle bumps from cart traffic, these are our most popular standard pass-thru solution.

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Clean Air Products designs and manufactures standard cleanroom pass-through cabinets, pass-through chambers, and pass-through windows. We also offer softwall and hardwall cleanroomsair showers, and more. 
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