Pneumatic Vertical Sliding Door Pass-Thrus for Cleanrooms

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The CAP18WVP Wall Mounted Pneumatically Operated Vertical Sliding Doors Pass Thru an airlock cleanroom entry system enables the transfer of materials and equipment in and out of a cleanroom with automatic sliding vertical door access, where manual operation or a standard swing door is not suitable.
The CAP18WVP consists of a heavy-duty stainless steel body and doors with smooth, strong surfaces that are durable and easy to clean. Doors have external control panels with activation and emergency stop buttons. Doors are automatically interlocked so that only one door is open at a time, preventing the cleanroom from air depressurization. A generously sized tempered safety glass door window enhances safety during operation.

Ideal for use in manufacturing or laboratories with continuous flow operations, the CAP18WVP provides an innovative design that maximizes efficiency while preserving cleanroom integrity