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Standard Features of CAP577F-WR-10x16x8H-E10-S12,4

  • Free spans up to 12 feet without adding a support leg or hanging point
  • Modular bolt-together design simplifies both initial assembly and future additions
  • All frame components are painted in a durable and cleanroom-approved flat white powder coated finish
  • 2”x2” 14 gauge steel legs and 2”x4” 11 gauge steel beams
  • Aluminum T-bars with polyurethane foam gasket form the 2'x4' ceiling grid
  • 12 gauge steel support gussets and 1/4x3/4 solid steel struts
  • Transparent clear 40 mil flame retardant curtains attached to the frame with Dual Lock
  • Adjustable steel leg leveling glides on each leg
  • Fan Filter Unit(s)
  • Flat Panel LED Light(s)
  • Inside Width: Inches (mm): 191 (4851)
  • Inside Height: Inches (mm): 96 (2438)
  • Inside Length: Inches (mm): 118.625 (3013)
  • Outside Width: Inches (mm): 195 (4953)
  • Outside Height: Inches (mm): 112 (2845)
  • Outside Length: Inches (mm): 122.625 (3115)

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