Custom Wall-Mounted Top Interlock Pass-Thrus

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The CAP18WTI Wall Mounted Top Interlock Pass Thru airlock cleanroom entry system is Clean Air Product’s customized configuration solution. By moving the optional mechanical interlock from the standard right side location to the top of the door frame, customers can specify doors that swing left, in different directions—a benefit for cleanrooms with obstructions on one or both side walls that would interfere with the door swing of the standard right swinging CAP18W Pass-Thru doors.

Like every CAP18W model, the CAP18WTI consists of a heavy duty stainless steel body and doors with smooth, strong surfaces that are durable and easy to clean. Doors attach with stainless steel continuous flush mount hinges, have generously sized tempered safety glass viewing windows and a stainless steel heavy duty over center compression latch that tightly seals against closed cell PVC foam door gaskets to minimize air leaks.The CAP18WTI is the custom solution for wall mounting a Pass-Thru in a challenging location and upgrading the looks of any cleanroom.