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Custom Pass-Thrus

A pass-through, or pass-thru, is an enclosed space with doors that acts as an airlock to accommodate the transfer of materials between a cleanroom and another space (possibly another cleanroom). A cleanroom pass-through can be wall or floor mounted.
Pass-throughs limit the transfer of contaminants and significant changes in the cleanroom environment by reducing the number of people that walk in and out of the cleanroom. The appropriate custom cleanroom airlock for your application should be chosen based on size, style, material, and whether the pass-thru is wall-mounted or floor-mounted. Additional features may also be important based on industry requirements and certifications. Some of the custom pass-thru features and configurations include:
  • HEPA filter pass-thru windows
  • Fire rated doors
  • Sliding doors for pneumatic applications
  • Lead lined pass-thrus
  • 90-degree cleanroom airlocks for applications where space is limited
  • Most models are available with either our standard removable inner liners, or as a fully welded, seamless design
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Custom Manufactured Cleanroom Pass-Thrus

Clean Air Products provides custom pass-thru cabinets, pass-thru chambers, and pass-thru windows that are designed and manufactured to meet our customers’ cleanroom specifications. We also offer a full line of standard pass-throughs in sizes and configurations to meet a wide variety of cleanroom requirements.
The cleanroom pass-through models below are just a sample of what we can provide. Request a quote on a custom entry system for your cleanroom, or contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

Our Cleanroom Airlocks Are Designed Based on Your Specifications

Fire-Rated Custom Pass-Thrus
These wall-mounted pass-through chambers are designed for cleanrooms that are required to meet state and local fire codes. Like all our pass-through options, this chamber is built with an innovative double-wall design, sturdy stainless steel materials and solid construction. They feature a fire-rated door with a wire safety glass window and a fire rated mechanical interlock to provide 90-minute fire-rated protection.
Manual Vertical Sliding Doors Custom Pass-Thrus
These wall-mounted pass-through chambers enable transfer of parts and equipment into/out of a cleanroom in confined spaces where a standard swing door is not suitable. The sliding door also causes less air turbulence within the cleanroom. Numerous mounting options provide versatility.

Pneumatic Vertical Sliding Doors Custom Pass-Thrus
Like their manual counterparts above, these wall-mounted pass-through chambers are ideal for cleanroom applications where a swinging door is impractical, and adds automatic sliding door access for fast and efficient operation. The doors are counter-weighted and manually operated, and feature anodized aluminum door pulls with a push rod interlock.
Top Interlock Custom Pass-Thrus
These wall-mounted pass-through windows feature a design that allows for the doors to swing in whichever direction (left or right) is best for the user application. This makes it ideal for cleanrooms with obstructions on one or both side walls that would interfere with the door swing. These window pass-thrus also feature formed and stich-welded stainless steel construction, clear tempered glass viewing windows and a mechanical interlock.
90-Degree Custom Pass-Thrus
These wall-mounted custom pass-thru systems are designed for cleanrooms whose configuration or space limitations require a 90-degree turn in the pass-through. These cleanroom pass-thrus feature formed and stitch-welded stainless steel construction with tempered safety glass windows and a magnetic interlock.
Lead-Lined Custom Pass-Thrus
Designed for cleanrooms where radiation protection is required for personnel, these wall-mounted custom pass-through chambers are constructed with a ¼” thick, QQ-L-201F Certified Grade B lead sheet lining and lead-glass viewing windows.
3 Door Custom Pass-Thrus
These wall-mounted pass-through chambers are designed for cleanroom applications where items must be transferred between three separate rooms. All three doors feature 304 stainless steel construction and 316 stainless steel compression door latches.
Fire-Rated Door Custom Pass-Thrus
These floor-mounted pass-through cabinets are designed for the transport of larger volumes of materials in laboratory or manufacturing cleanrooms that must meet state and local fire codes. Features a 90-minute fire-rated door with 10” x 10” viewing window.
Manual Vertical Sliding Doors Custom Pass-Thrus
Designed for the efficient transfer of large parts and/or wheeled carts, these floor-mounted cleanroom pass-through cabinets save space with sliding vertical doors. “Lipless” threshold design allows carts to roll in and out smoothly.

HEPA Filtered Custom Pass-Thrus
These floor-mounted custom entry systems enable the efficient transfer of larger parts and/or wheeled carts into and out of a cleanroom while maintaining control of particulates. Exceeds USDA HEPA standard by removing 99.99% of airborne contaminants as small as 0.3 micrometers.
Top Interlock Custom Pass-Thrus
With a top-mounted mechanical interlock, users can specify doors that swing left, right, or in either direction (one on each side). These floor-mounted cleanroom pass-through cabinets have no integrated floor, allowing carts to roll through freely.
90-Degree Custom Pass-Thrus
These floor-mounted custom entry systems are ideal for cleanrooms where the configuration or space limitations require a 90-degree turn in the pass-through cabinet.
Man Door Custom Pass-Thrus
These cleanroom pass-through doors enable the passage of personnel in and out of your cleanroom. Anodized aluminum doors with safety glass open easily and close securely with hydraulic door mechanisms.

Contact Us for Custom Pass-Throughs & More

Clean Air Products designs and manufactures custom cleanroom pass-through cabinets, pass-through chambers, and pass-through windows. We also offer softwall and hardwall cleanroomsair showers, and more. Request a quote or contact us for custom pass-throughs for your cleanroom.