Standard-Profile 5-Unit Tunnel Air Showers

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Standard-Profile Straight-Through Air Showers quickly and effectively remove particles from clothing and equipment, ensuring personnel entering a cleanroom are free from particles that could compromise the environment. Our decontamination air showers feature rugged construction, adjustable, high-velocity air jets, and industry-best filtering. As personnel enter the air shower, the high-velocity air jets release filtered air streams that create a turbulent flow within the tunnel, removing debris and particles. Our standard profile five-person air showers feature a straight-through tunnel design, allowing multiple personnel to move efficiently through the air shower.And ensures effective and reliable contamination removal. 

Clean Air Products is Your Source for Custom 5-Unit Air Showers

Questions about our 5-Unit Tunnel Air Showers? Contact us, and our staff will gladly assist you in ordering the best air showers for your application's requirements.

Straight-Through Five-Person Air Showers for Cleanrooms

At Clean Air Products, we manufacture premium 5-Unit Tunnel Air Showers for medical, laboratory, and other applications requiring protection from contamination. Our 5-Unit Air Showers are equipped with powerful air jets that dislodge and remove particles from clothing and PPE before entering a cleanroom. With custom options like door width, filtering capabilities, photo eye activation, and more, Clean Air Products ensures you have the best air shower features for your unique application requirements.

Straight-Through Air Showers for Medical, Bioengineering, & Other Commercial Applications

Our standard-profile 5-Unit tunnel air showers are used in commercial and industrial applications that require workers to be free from particles and debris that can cause contamination. With high-performance air jets and HEPA filters, our air showers ensure a thorough and safe cleaning process before entering a cleanroom. We provide custom straight-through air showers for customers in industries including:

Clean Air Products is Your Source for Standard Profile 5-Unit Air Showers

At Clean Air Products, we are dedicated to providing our customers with premium cleanroom resources for a wide range of industries and applications. In addition to our standard-profile 5-Unit Tunnel Air Showers, we manufacture and distribute cleanroom pass-thrus, fan filter units, clean benches, desiccators, furniture, and other cleanroom accessories. We also supply industry-leading softwall and hardwall cleanrooms.

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Contact Clean Air Products to learn how we can provide custom 5-Unit straight-through air showers for your cleanroom application. Request a quote online for pricing information. Clean Air Products is your trusted source for custom air showers for cleanrooms.