CAP701KD-ST-7372 ADA-compliant air showersare larger than standard models to accommodateindividuals in wheel chairs and other assistanceequipment. Optional automatic doors are available.Refer to local code officials for the requirements foryour specific application.CAP701 ADA-compliant air showers can be customdesignedand ordered in a variety of configurations,including right-hand or left-hand turn designs. Contactthe factory for your specific application.

Air Shower Frequently Asked Questions
  • Durable and Cleanroom-Approved Painted Cold Rolled Steel Shell
  • No Silicone used - only Low-Outgassing Epoxy or Urethane Sealant
  • Color LCD Touch Screen
  • (2) Anodized Aluminum framed Safety Glass Doors with Hydraulic Door Closers
  • Anodized Aluminum Fixed Bottom Door Sweeps
  • (2) LED Recessed Light Fixture with Wall Switch
  • (32) Adjustable Anodized Aluminum Nozzles
  • (2) Adjustable Anodized Aluminum Ceiling Nozzles
  • (2) Removable High Pressure Interior Nozzle Wall Panels
  • (1) 5HP (3.7kW), 3600RPM Sealed Ball Bearing Continuous Duty Motor (Motor meets or exceeds U.S. EPAct and NRCan Canadian efficiency standards)
  • (1) Superior Efficiency Direct Drive Aluminum Airfoil Wheel
  • 7800 FPM (39.62 m/s) Average Nozzle Velocity
  • 1900 CFM (0.9 m3/s) Average
  • (1) 24x24x11.5, 99.99% HEPA Filter
  • (1) Magnehelic Pressure Gage
  • (4) Wall Return Air Grills with 10x20x1 MERV 8 Prefilters
  • (1) 2-1/2 Inch Diameter Sprinkler Sleeve
  • Programmable Microprocessor PLC with 0-99 second adjustable run time and 0-10 second adjustable wait ti