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Custom Clean Benches

Custom lamiar flow cleanroom benches are perfect for facilities that process clean-critical products in quantities too low to justify the cost of a full cleanroom. For others, it may be more cost-efficient to build a lower-class cleanroom and supplement it with clean benches that are rated to a higher class.

Whatever your custom clean bench needs may be, Clean Air Products’ fully custom cleanroom benches can be used to create high purity micro-environments inside or outside a cleanroom. We offer customized styles for both our horizontal flow laminar clean benches and vertical flow laminar clean benches, to meet your cleanroom needs.

Horizontal Flow Laminar Clean Benches

These custom clean benches are designed to be set on a table top. Some of the unique features of our horizontal flow laminar clean benches, include:

  • Exclusive housing
  • Multiple clean hoods
  • Internal motorized filter
  • Power cord
  • And more

Vertical Flow Laminar Clean Benches

Our vertical flow laminar clean benches are specifically designed to create a freestanding ultra-clean mini-environment. These clean benches are available in numerous sizes and styles, and are precisely engineered to provide outstanding solutions for many air filtration applications. Some of the features of our vertical flow laminar clean benches, include:

  • Welded steel cabinet with powder coated finish
  • White vinyl coated steel back panel
  • Clear polycarbonate end shields
  • PSC motors with ball bearings
  • And more

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