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Standard Clean Benches

CAP301 Horizontal Flow Cleanroom Bench

These general purpose standard cleanroom benches are ideally suited to a variety of clean-critical mechanical and processing applications. CAP301 cleanroom benches are designed to provide Class 100 (ISO Class 5) or Class 10 (ISO Class 4) clean air environments for laboratory work, testing, manufacturing, inspection, and/or pharmaceutical operations.
Clean, HEPA filtered air flows outward from the cabinet, washing out particulates and preventing contamination from entering the clean work zone. Special “clean edge” construction puts the hood and table top in shear with the media edge of the HEPA filter for reduced turbulence along the sides of the hood and better protection against contaminants.
301 standard cleanroom benches feature all-metal construction with vinyl clad interiors.


CAP201 Horizontal Flow Tabletop Clean Bench

Our CAP201 standard clean room benches use advanced materials, manufacturing processes, and designs to ensure superior performance. Built from vinyl clad steel or painted structural materials, these clean benches highly durable and resistant to abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, scratches, scuffs, and staining.
A unique wraparound design provides a maximized work area with a minimal footprint and reduced weight. This standard clean room bench configuration provides “clean edge” air-shear of the absolute filter, which eliminates turbulence and back currents and creates clean laminar airflow throughout the work area.

CAP303 Horizontal Flow Cleanroom Bench

General purpose CAP303 cleanroom benches feature an open front area that allows them to be placed behind other equipment or used with a standalone table. The standalone isolation table setup is ideal for applications where vibration isolation is needed, such as microscope viewing or critical measuring.
Our special “clean edge” design puts the hood in shear alignment with the media edge of the HEPA filter for reduced turbulence along the sides of the hood and improved laminar air flow. Clean, filtered flows outward from the cabinet to wash out particulates and prevent contaminant infiltration around the perimeter of the hood.

CAP412 Vertical Flow Open Base Cleanroom Bench

Clean Air Products’ CAP412 vertical laminar flow clean benches are designed to create freestanding, clean-critical mini-environments. The open base design allows them to be placed over existing worktables or equipment to save space in your cleanroom area.  
Series 412 standard clean room benches can be used in conjunction with cleanrooms to create ultra-clean zones, or on their own in lieu of a cleanroom. They feature 99.99% efficient HEPA filters and fiberglass prefilters; optional 99.999% efficient ULPA filter are available upon request.

CAP412 Vertical Flow Wash Out Base Clean Benches

Using the same freestanding designs as the CAP412 open base cleanroom benches, CAP412 wash out base clean benches are available in a variety of sizes and styles to provide versatile solutions for clean-critical applications. Our wash out clean room benches feature 99.99% efficient HEPA filters and sturdy structural components manufactured from 16 gauge cold rolled steel.  

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Custom cleanroom benches are also available.