Easy to Clean - HEPA Filtered Pass-Thru

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The CAP18WFBHF HEPA filtered pass through chamber is a fully welded, wall-mounted pass-thru unit. It is designed for aseptic manufacturing applications requiring sterile yet easy cleaning. The unique double-wall construction design encases and protects the built-in mechanical interlock, while facilitating for easier cleaning.
The fully welded body features a seamless interior that features smooth, formed-radius corners, which prevents particulate from collecting in the corners and edges, while allowing for simple spill clean-up. This sterilization pass through chamber also maintains a cabinet floor that is completely flush, providing a “lipless” front end for simplified cleaning. The flush-mounted interior access panels are easy to clean and easy to remove for maintenance, with stainless steel doors that feature a silicone bulb gasket that eliminates crevices that could harbor contamination. Additionally, every surface of the door can be thoroughly cleaned. The rugged, stainless steel construction of this fully welded sterilization chamber ensures years of durable operation.
The internal motorized HEPA filter unit inside the CAP18WFBHF cabinet brings air in from the dirty side above the door and pushes the air through perforations in the door on the dirty side. This allows for efficient transfer of parts and equipment in and out of a cleanroom while maintaining control of particulates in the cleanroom environment. This HEPA filtered pass through unit exceeds the U.S. Department of Energy HEPA standard by removing at least 99.99 percent of airborne particles 0.3 micrometers (µm) in diameter.
The doors of the fully welded HEPA filtered pass through unit are attached with stainless steel flush-mounted continuous hinges and feature a generous sized, tempered safety glass window for maximum visibility and easy cleaning. For increased protection, the doors are secured with heavy-duty stainless steel that covers the center compression latch, which forms a tight seal against the silicone bulb gasket, reducing the possibility of air leaks.