pharmaceutical pass thrus
Medical and pharmacy pass thru windows, also known as pass thru chambers and boxes, allow for the safe and effective transfer of equipment, parts, and specimens from a cleanroom to a standard room. Pharmaceutical pass throughs limit the number of people that enter a cleanroom, allowing for significantly reduced contamination. Medical and pharmaceutical pass thrus are a critical component of cleanroom operations and are extremely important in maintaining the overall cleanroom environment.

At Clean Air Products, we manufacture medical and pharmaceutical grade cleanroom pass thru systems that prevent contamination and ensure the highest quality working environment for your business. We will work with you to design medical and pharmaceutical pass through systems that match your exact specifications.

Contact us for more information regarding our floor- and wall-mounted medical and pharmaceutical cleanroom pass thru windows. You can depend on Clean Air Products for quality, performance, and value backed by fast, friendly service from our team of experts.

Why Choose a Pharmaceutical Pass Thru?

Medical and pharmaceutical pass-through boxes and other cleanroom equipment help prevent contamination and enable manufacturers to comply with industry quality standards. This not only protects manufacturing operations from contamination but helps increase operating efficiency. In addition to your cleanroom equipment requirements, additional considerations in choosing the right pharmaceutical pass through chamber for your application include:
  • How the pass-through chamber will be mounted to the cleanroom
  • Size of wall spaces and any obstructions that will affect door swings
  • Type of material that will be transferred through the cabinet
  • Method of material transfer (by hand, conveyor belt, etc.)
  • How the pass-thru will be used by personnel
  • Any specialized requirements including HEPA filters, fire-rated doors, or pneumatic sliding doors

Pharmaceutical Floor vs Wall Mounted Pass Thrus

Before choosing a medical or pharmaceutical cleanroom pass through chamber, you will need to consider the type and size of materials you will be transferring, and which level of pass-through your industry standards require. In many cases a basic stainless steel pass-through chamber is sufficient. Other applications, especially those requiring aseptic cleaning, may require a Fully Welded Body or easier cleaning and sterilization, or a Bio-Design for the strictest isolation and sterilization policies. 

Standard & Custom Pharmaceutical Pass Thrus

Clean Air Products offers standard and custom pass-thrus as well as a variety of other cleanroom equipment to meet your needs. Our medical and pharmacy pass thru cabinets feature stainless steel construction and can be custom built to your cleanroom’s exact specifications.

Material Options & Fire-Rated Pharmaceutical Pass Thrus

Fire-rated medical and pharmaceutical grade pass through cabinets assist in protecting personnel and equipment from extensive damage due to fire. All Clean Air Product manufactured pass through products are manufactured from stainless steel and feature available fire-rated customization options. Our fire-rated doors and frames match the UL, ETL and WH label for 90-minute fire exposure, suitable for a 2-hour fire wall rating.

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