A modular cleanroom is a specially designed room or enclosure that utilizes specialized techniques and standards to prevent bacteria, air particles, and other contaminants from entering the area. Cleanrooms are generally utilized by industries and research institutions that require a certain level of cleanliness to manufacture their products or examine their specimens. Depending on your ISO class requirements, modular cleanrooms are manufactured with either a HEPA or a ULPA filter, and are built within a softwall or hardwall enclosure.

ISO Cleanroom

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Hardwall & Softwall Cleanroom Differences 

A hardwall cleanroom is a permanent fixture within a larger facility, generally providing ongoing product manufacturing, research or procedures that require particle-free environments. Conversely, softwall cleanrooms are often easily collapsible structures that provide clean environments for medical emergencies or limited-run manufacturing of a specific product that is required to be produced in an ISO class environment. 

Cleanroom Operational Qualities

ISO cleanrooms utilize either laminar or turbulent air flow within their respective environments to remove a large percentage of airborne particles. This type of ultra-focused filtration is accomplished by utilizing highly efficient particulate air (HEPA) or ultra-low particulate air (ULPA) filtration systems. An ISO cleanroom is graded based upon the purity of the air that is contained within the facility. There are two standards that provide the base specifications for each ISO Class, ISO 14644-1 and US Federal Standard 209E. 

Modular Cleanrooms for Advanced Industrial Applications 

Softwall and Hardwall cleanrooms provide ISO certified particle- and bacteria-free working environments for applications that span a wide range of industries. The industries that commonly utilize modular cleanroom environments include:Life Sciences

Cleanroom Fan Filter Options 

Cleanroom air filters and HEPA fan filter units are specifically designed to remove harmful airborne particles from air that is recirculated throughout an environment. Cleanroom fan filter units are typically installed within the ceiling structure of the cleanroom for maximum efficiency, which increases the flexibility of the air flow within the cleanroom.

Standard Cleanroom Fan Filters 

Clean Air Products’ standard clean room fan filters are self contained units that utilize HEPA filtration technology. Multiple options are available, including 0.3 micron or 0.12 micron filtration, to meet your specific cleanroom needs. 

Custom Cleanroom Fan Filters 

For applications that require advanced custom filtration, airflow and blower/motor assemblies, custom fan filters are often the best option. Custom fan filters are self-contained, vertical-flow modules that can be tailored to meet your unique performance and application requirements. 

Cleanroom ISO Class Standards 

The ISO standard for cleanroom designation ranges from ISO Class 1 to ISO Class 9. The lower the class number the less particulate contamination per unit volume of air is permitted. For example, an ISO Class 1 cleanroom can contain no more than 10 particles with a size greater than 0.1 microns per cubic meter of air. Generally, as the ISO class number increases, the particle concentration limits increase by a factor of 10, with larger particle size contaminants being added to the standard limits. In addition, workers are required to wear specially designed protection gear and pass through an air shower before entering the cleanroom to limit particle intake. 

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