ISO class 8 modular Hardwall and Softwall cleanrooms provide significant particle protection for your project needs. They require numerous air changes and allow a limited number of maximum particle concentration limits per room. ISO 8 cleanrooms are recommended for applications that require moderate particle concentration limits within a given space.

At Clean Air Products, we provide ISO 8 clean rooms that comply with all ISO 14644-1 standards, which regulates a room’s maximum allowable particle count and air changes per hour. Our ISO 8 cleanroom systems are available in both hardwall and softwall options and can be modified to address your exact specifications.

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ISO 8 Cleanroom Particle Count Classifications

ISO cleanroom cleanliness standards are based upon a room’s particle levels within a given area and is measured according to the quantity and size of particles per volume of air. The following ISO cleanroom classification table shows the differences between ISO classes and number of allowable particles per particle size.

max number of particles in air table

ISO 8 Cleanroom Qualities & Standards

Cleanrooms are classified according to the number and size of particles permitted per volume of air in a specific amount of time. There is also a direct relationship between cleanroom class ratings and the room’s air changes per hour. An ISO 8 or Fed-Std 209E class 100,000 cleanroom must have 3,520,000 or less ≥0.5 µm sized particles, 832,000 or less ≥1 µm sized particles, and 29,300 or less ≥5 µm sized particles. An ISO 8 class cleanroom must also maintain 5-60 air changes per hour with a ceiling coverage of 5-15%.

Modular ISO 8 Cleanroom Hardwall & Softwall Options

Whether you are looking for an ISO 8 cleanroom that is a permanent fixture within your facility, or a room that can be easily transported, Clean Air Products has both hardwall and softwall ISO 8 clean rooms that meet your project’s requirements. Fed-Std 209E class 100,000 cleanrooms feature hard wall construction mounted between anodized aluminum posts to create a fully enclosed area, while our softwall ISO modular 8 cleanrooms are designed for functionality and reduced cost, while delivering all the benefits of modular construction.

Applications of ISO Class 8 Clean Rooms

Depending on your application’s exact specifications, Clean Air Products will design a cleanroom that addresses your product’s exact standards of cleanliness. Our ISO 8 modular clean rooms provide the lowest allowable particle quantities per particle size, delivering a true cleanroom experience that cannot be matched.

Additional ISO Class Cleanroom Options

If an ISO 8 Cleanroom is not the cleanroom standard that you require, we also provide all other types of ISO class cleanrooms, ensuring that you find the cleanroom type that is correct for your application. The other types of ISO 14644-1 approved cleanrooms that we provide include: 

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