At Clean Air Products, we offer ISO class 8 modular hardwall and softwall cleanrooms that provide a maximum particle count of 100,000 particles per cubic foot of interior air, on a statistical average. Our ISO 8 cleanrooms comply with all ISO 14644-1 standards.

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ISO Class 8 Cleanroom Particle Count Classifications

Cleanroom ISO classifications are established according to the number and size of particles permitted per volume of air over a specific amount of time. There is also a direct relationship between cleanroom class ratings and the room’s air changes per hour. An ISO 8 or Fed-Std 209E class 100,000 cleanroom must have 3,520,000 particles per cubic meter or less ≥0.5 µm sized particles, 832,000 particles per cubic meter or less ≥1 µm sized particles, and 29,300 particles per cubic meter or less ≥5 µm sized particles. An ISO 8 class cleanroom can be constructed using 5-60 air changes per hour with a ceiling coverage of 5-15%.

Use the ISO cleanroom classification table below to see the number of allowable particles per particle size between each ISO class.