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An air shower is a key component of a cleanroom, helping to decontaminate personnel, equipment, and supplies before they enter these clean-critical environments and lightening the load on air filters and purifiers inside the cleanroom itself. If your processes require the use of a cleanroom, you need an air shower to go with it.
Not every clean room is the same, of course, and while one of our standard air shower models will fit the bill for most applications, sometimes a more specialized solution is required. With that in mind, Clean Air Products offers custom air showers that are tailor-made to your unique requirements.
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Custom Air Showers in Countless Configurations

We can build custom cleanroom entry systems to match nearly any specification. Because we offer so many customizable options, the possibilities are all but endless. The custom air showers on this page represent just a small sample of what we can create. Take a closer look at the options show below to see some prime examples of our custom clean room air showers, then contact us to discuss your custom requirements.

Standard-Profile 90° Air Showers

These custom air showers feature multiple 90° entry/exit options in a configuration that’s designed to quickly and effectively remove particles that could contaminate your cleanroom. Available with one, two, or three right- or left-hand oriented doors, 90° air showers are ideal for applications where a straight-through design is not suitable.

Standard-Profile 90° ADA Compliant Air Showers

Our ADA-complaint custom cleanroom air showers are built slightly larger than standard models to accommodate wheelchair access. Automatic doors and other unique features are available. These air showers can be provided in a variety of configurations to meet your needs.

Low-Profile Straight-Through Air Showers

With the blower assembly, HEPA filter, and electrical components mounted on the side of the unit (rather than on top), our low-profile straight-through air showers measure just 95” in height. These low-profile custom air showers are ideal for retrofit applications where space is tight.

Low-Profile Tunnel Air Showers

Available in 2-unit, 3-unit, 4-unit, and 5-unit configurations, these low-profile custom cleanroom entry systems are specially designed for low ceiling heights—they can be fully assembled and installed in spaces that are just 102” high. The extended length of these models allow for additional air nozzles to ensure thorough decontamination. Can be furnished with 90° left or right hand turns, as needed.

Low-Profile Straight-Through ADA-Compliant Air Showers

These ADA-compliant custom air showers are designed with wider entry/exit points to accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility assistance equipment and a lower ceiling height (95”) to allow for assembly and installation in tight spaces; a minimum 102” ceiling height is required for assembly. Automatic doors and other special features are available, as needed.

Low-Profile 90° ADA-Compliant Air Showers

Made with larger entry and exit doors to accommodate wheelchair access and other mobility assistance requirements, these custom clean room air showers feature a 90° turn (to the left or right) and a shorter overall height (95”) for applications where space is tight; 102” minimum ceiling height is required for assembly. Automatic doors and other optional features are available.

Parts-Cleaning Straight-Thru Air Showers

Specially designed to decontaminate carts, conveyors, pallets, and other part delivery systems, these custom air showers can be tailored to your size and configuration requirements. 

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