Standard-Profile 4-Unit Tunnel Air Showers

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Standard-Profile Straight-Through Air Showers quickly and effectively remove particles from clothing and equipment before entering your cleanroom. Our decontamination 4-unit tunnel air showers are built with durable materials, equipped with adjustable high-velocity air jets, and incorporate industry-leading filtration technology. With a standard-profile design, our four-person air showers are manufactured with a straight-through tunnel configuration, facilitating the smooth movement of multiple individuals through the air shower.

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4-Unit Tunnel Air Showers for Cleanrooms

4-unit tunnel air showers are used in cleanroom environments for contamination control. These premium cleanroom air showers remove particulate contaminants from individuals and items entering controlled areas. The standard-profile 4-unit air showers facilitate efficient decontamination of up to four individuals simultaneously, optimizing workflow and minimizing cross-contamination risks. The long-term benefits of cost savings, efficiency, and maintaining the integrity of critical processes make these air showers a valuable asset for industries prioritizing cleanliness and regulatory adherence.

Features of Our 4-Unit Tunnel Air Showers

At Clean Air Products, our 4-unit air showers are crafted from the best materials to ensure long-lasting and reliable performance. With premium features, including intuitive controls and high-performance air jets, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality air showers. Additional features of our 4-unit cleanroom air showers include:
  • LED recessed light fixtures controlled by a wall switch
  • Removable high-pressure interior nozzle wall panels
  • 7800 FPM (39.62 m/s) average nozzle velocity
  • HEPA filter integration
  • Magnehelic pressure gauge
  • Wall return air grills featuring MERV 8 prefilters
  • Programmable microprocessor PLC with adjustable run time

Straight-Through Standard-Profile Air Showers for Demanding Applications

Our standard 4-Unit tunnel air showers are designed for use in commercial and industrial settings where workers need to be completely clean from particles and debris that could lead to contamination. These air showers utilize powerful air jets and HEPA filters to guarantee a comprehensive and safe cleaning procedure before individuals enter a cleanroom environment. We provide custom straight-through air showers for customers in various industries, including:

Clean Air Products is Your Trusted Cleanroom Manufacturer

Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, we have provided customers nationwide with high-quality cleanroom solutions and equipment for over 50 years. With a commitment to innovation and quality, we manufacture advanced contamination control products, including our industry-leading air showers, cleanrooms, pass-thrus, and more. We offer premium cleanroom resources and solutions by prioritizing performance, manufacturing quality, and customer service. Advantages of partnering with Clean Air Products for your cleanroom supplies include:
  • A wide range of products and services to meet the needs of demanding industries, including life sciences, electronics, & manufacturing
  • A team of experienced engineers & technicians who prioritize quality & performance
  • Personalized customer service to help you design the perfect custom cleanroom solution for your application

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