Standard-Profile 3-Unit Tunnel Air Showers

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Standard-Profile Straight-Through Air Showers quickly and effectively remove particles that will otherwise be carried into your cleanroom. Our decontamination air showers feature rugged construction and adjustable, high-velocity air jets. With industrial-grade materials, expert construction, and a wide range of customization options, Clean Air Products is your source for high-performance 3-unit tunnel air showers.

Straight-Through 3-Unit Tunnel Air Showers Features

Our 3-unit tunnel air showers feature a standard-profile, straight-through design, allowing up to three individuals to simultaneously move through the unit. Clean Air Products' air showers are constructed from durable, heavy-gauge painted steel, designed to withstand rigorous usage. With high-velocity air volume, these units enable swift and efficient cleaning, ensuring a thorough decontamination process. Our air showers are also engineered with easy service access, simplifying maintenance tasks and reducing downtime. Additional features include:
  • Easy-to-use microprocessor controller with touchscreen controls
  • Enhanced with LED lighting for optimal visibility
  • Equipped with premium HEPA filters & prefilters
  • Customization options for tailoring to specific needs & preferences

Best Practices for Maintenance & Upkeep for ST3 Tunnel Air Showers

Regular cleaning and maintenance are key in ensuring long-term optimal performance from your air shower. Take these  steps to keep your cleanroom air shower free from contamination:
  • Only use approved cleanroom cleaning agents
  • Regularly clean shower interior surfaces, including walls, floors, & ceilings
  • Inspect & replace the HEPA filters in the recommended intervals
  • Utilize Clean Air Products' customer support services

Common Industrial Applications for 3-Unit Standard-Profile Air Showers

3-unit air shower tunnels are ideal for many applications in a wide range of industries. Life science products rely on our air showers to keep a contaminant-free environment for research and development, including medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical processing, laboratory research, and more. Our air showers are also used to protect delicate components from contaminants during production, including semiconductors, PCBs, fiber optics, and other electronic and optic devices. These applications, and many more, count on Clean Air Products' air showers to provide thorough decontamination for cleanroom environments.

Contact Us for the Best 3-Unit Straight-Through Tunnel Air Showers

Contact us to learn more about our standard-profile 3-unit tunnel air showers. For pricing information and estimates, request a quote online. For the best air showers, cleanrooms, pass-thrus, and other cleanroom resources, choose Clean Air Products.