Standard-Profile 2-Unit Tunnel Air Showers

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Standard-Profile 2-Unit Tunnel Air Showers are tunnel-shaped chambers with high-velocity HEPA-filtered air blown onto the personnel or material from all directions. These air showers quickly and effectively remove particles that will otherwise be carried into your cleanroom. Our decontamination air showers feature rugged construction and adjustable, high-velocity air jets. 2-unit tunnel air showers are commonly used in manufacturing, pharmaceutical facilities, research laboratories, and other industrial environments requiring controlled cleanrooms.

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2-Unit Air Showers from Clean Air Products

Standard-profile straight-through 2-unit tunnel air showers are designed to provide a clean, particle-free environment for personnel and materials entering a cleanroom. These air showers are installed at the entrance to a cleanroom or other controlled environment to prevent the entry of contaminants.

The air shower consists of two interlocked chambers, each with its own high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, high-velocity blowers, and adjustable nozzles. 

Features & Advantages of Cleanroom Air Showers from Clean Air Products

Clean Air Products manufactures top-quality air showers using high-grade industrial materials. Our air showers are designed with a sturdy shell made of painted steel or stainless steel. The doors of our air showers are equipped with hydraulic door closers and anodized aluminum fixed bottom door sweeps to ensure a secure seal when closed. The adjustable anodized aluminum nozzles in our cleanrooms allow for optimal airflow during the cleaning process. Our cleanroom air showers are user-friendly and equipped with a color HMI touchscreen and intuitive controls to deliver a superior decontamination experience for industrial purposes.

Additional features of cleanroom air showers manufactured by Clean Air Products include:
  • LED recessed light fixtures with wall switch
  • Removable high-pressure interior nozzle wall panels
  • 7800 FPM (39.62 m/s) average nozzle velocity
  • HEPA filter
  • Magnehelic pressure gauge
  • Wall return air grills with MERV 8 prefilters
  • Programmable microprocessor PLC with adjustable run time

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Clean Air Products is a leading manufacturer of industrial cleanrooms and cleanroom supplies. We produce high-performance cleanroom resources, including standard-profile straight-through 2-unit tunnel air showers, customized to meet our customers’ industrial requirements. Our team of experts works closely with our customers to ensure our cleanroom products exceed expectations.

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Located in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, we supply customers nationwide in a broad range of industries with premium cleanroom products, including standard-profile 2-unit air shower tunnels, hardwall cleanrooms, portable softwall cleanrooms, and more. We serve customers in many different industries, including:

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