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Clean rooms provide controlled environments for the production of contaminant-free products. Air showers play a vital role in maintaining these clean-critical settings by removing loose particles of contamination from people and products before they enter the clean room.
Clean room air showers help reduce product defects and increase production yields. These devices can also improve the performance of and reduce maintenance needs for the clean room itself by lowering the overall contamination load. Without an air shower’s “pre-cleaning” process, a cleanroom’s air filtration system would have to absorb all contaminants, which would increase energy consumption and maintenance costs.
Clean Air Products designs and manufactures clean room air showers in a range of standard sizes and configurations. We have standard air showers to meet most customer requirements; however, if your cleanroom requires a special or unique entry system, we also provide custom air showers that are built to match your unique specifications.
Request a quote on any of our standard air showers, or contact Clean Air Products for more information on any of our custom cleanroom entry systems.

How Do Clean Room Air Showers Work?

Our standard air showers are self-contained air recirculation systems that are specially designed for installation at clean room entry points. These phone booth-like cleanroom entry systems use high-velocity air to decontaminate personnel, equipment, and supplies as they make their way into the cleanroom.
As workers enter the air shower, the entry door closes and powerful jets of HEPA-filtered air blow over the worker from a number of adjustable, precisely-placed nozzles. These high velocity air streams blast contaminants large and small from the worker’s cleanroom garments. Once the cycle is complete, the exit door of the air shower opens and the worker moves on into the cleanroom itself.
Typical cycle completion for our standard air showers is just 20 seconds. Microprocessor controls allow for fast and easy on-site adjustment of cycle times and other critical functions.
Clean room air showers are also an effective way to decontaminate personnel as they leave work areas before going out into public spaces and to prevent cross-contamination as workers move from one workspace to another.

Clean Air Products’ Standard Air Showers

Because every cleanroom environment is different, there’s no “one size fits all” solution for cleanroom entry systems. Clean Air Products offers clean room air showers for every application, with versatile configurations and a host of useful options to meet your unique needs.
Our standard air showers are designed for easy installation and maintenance in any application. No other cleanroom entry systems can match the efficiency and value of our air shower models.

Clean Room Air Shower Features

  • Constructed of sturdy, heavy-gauge painted steel
  • High velocity, high volume air flow for fast and efficient decontamination
  • Adjustable, microprocessor-controlled cycle times
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen interfaces
  • Magnetic interlocks
  • LED interior lighting
  • Inspection panels for air supply ducts
  • Silicone-free urethane sealant
  • Standard-size HEPA filters and prefilters with no-leak, negative pressure-reliability seals
  • Easy access for service and maintenance
  • Custom air shower designs available—contact us to discuss your custom requirements

Choosing the Right Clean Room Air Shower

Finding the right cleanroom entry systems for your facility is not always easy. To determine what cleanroom air shower you need, consider the following factors:
  • The air shower should be modular to allow for easy configuration/reconfiguration, shipment, and assembly
  • Outer shell of the air shower should be constructed of stainless or painted steel
  • The blower system must provide high volumes of air at high velocity to effectively decontaminate personnel, equipment, etc.
  • Clean room air showers should have a high number of air nozzles; nozzles should be adjustable
  • The unit should include a magnetic door interlock system, with appropriate controls

Contact Us for Standard Air Showers & More

Clean Air Products designs and manufactures clean room air showers in a range of standard sizes and configurations, as well as custom air showers built to your specifications. Request a quote or contact us for dependable cleanroom entry systems.
View our Air Shower FAQs to learn more.