Standard-Profile 90-Degree Air Shower

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CAP701KD Standard-Profile 90-Degree Air Showers are available in an L-shaped configuration that quickly and effectively removes particles that could be carried into your cleanroom. These decontamination air showers feature rugged construction and adjustable, high-velocity air jets. They are available in standard, ADA-compliant, and low-profile versions, as well as single- and double-door configurations. 90-degree air showers are suited to applications in which a straight-through design will not work and can be either right-hand or left-hand.

Clean Air Products Is Your Source for Custom 90-Degree Air Showers

Questions about our standard profile 90-degree air showers for cleanrooms? View our air shower FAQ page, or contact us, and our staff will gladly assist you in ordering the best cleanroom air showers for your application requirements.

Left-Hand & Right-Hand 90-Degree Air Showers for L-Shaped Applications

At Clean Air Products, our L-shaped cleanroom air showers are designed to decontaminate personnel entering a cleanroom environment from a 90-degree entry point. Available in both left- and right-hand styles, we ensure your air shower integrates seamlessly into your application's space. With a host of advanced features and premium materials, our standard-profile 90-degree air showers are designed to provide industry-leading contamination removal for even the most demanding L-shaped applications.

Premium Filtering, Touchscreen Controls, & More Custom Features

Our custom air showers feature a cleanroom-approved painted cold-rolled steel shell, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability. With high-pressure adjustable anodized aluminum nozzles and premium filtering, maximum airflow and circulation are achieved during every use. Our 90-degree air showers also feature two removable high-pressure interior nozzle wall panels for easy maintenance and cleaning. Additional features include:
  • Highest velocity & air volume rate for fast, efficient cleaning
  • Microprocessor controller
  • Intuitive Touchscreen controls
  • Magnetic interlocks
  • LED lighting
  • Silicone-free urethane sealant
  • Standard-size HEPA filters & prefilters
  • Zero leak, negative pressure reliability seal on HEPA filter gasket
  • Easy service access
  • Customization options to meet your performance requirements

Custom Air Showers for Medical Manufacturing, Lab Research, & More Applications

At Clean Air Products, we manufacture high-performance air showers, pass-thrus, softwall cleanrooms, hardwall cleanrooms, and accessories for commercial and industrial cleanroom applications. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we supply customers worldwide with industry-leading cleanroom resources. Our air showers and cleanroom products are used in a wide range of demanding industries, including:

Personalized Service for Your Unique Cleanroom Requirements

At Clean Air Products, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the industry's best air showers, cleanrooms, and cleanroom supplies. We work closely with our customers to ensure you receive the proper cleanroom resources for your application's requirements. As a leading manufacturer of cleanroom supplies, we specialize in creating innovative solutions for cleanroom environments.

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Contact us to learn how we can supply customized standard-profile air showers for your L-shaped cleanroom applications. You can also request a quote online for pricing information on our 90-degree air showers. For all your air shower and cleanroom needs, choose Clean Air Products.