Painted Steel Standard-Profile Straight-Through Air Shower

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CAP701KD-ST Standard-Profile Straight-Through Air Showers prevent cleanroom contamination by quickly and effectively removing particles from clothing and equipment that pass through. At Clean Air Products, our air showers are constructed from premium materials for durable, long-lasting operation. Like all our cleanroom air showers, the CAP701KD-ST comes equipped with adjustable, high-velocity air jets and top-grade filtering systems that remove 99.99% of contaminants. With a robust build and high-quality components, our CAP701KD-ST Air Showers ensure you meet the necessary decontamination requirements for even the most demanding applications.
Air Shower Frequently Asked Questions


Standard-Profile Air Shower for Cleanrooms

At Clean Air Products, we manufacture standard-profile straight-through air showers for cleanroom environments. These air showers are characterized by a straight-thru design, allowing individuals to walk through the air shower as they enter or exit a cleanroom. Our air showers are engineered for convenient maintenance and sanitation, allowing users to easily access the components that require regular cleaning from within the air shower. With industry-leading performance, our standard-profile air showers provide reliable, high-performance decontamination for every application.

Steel Construction, Easy-To-Operate Touchscreen, & More Advanced Air Shower Features

Our single-unit air showers are constructed with premium components, providing users with efficient, high-performance decontamination. Designed by the industry's best engineers, our air showers feature easy-to-use operational controls, durable structural construction, and the best filters available for air showers. Additional

components include:
  • LED recessed light fixtures with wall switch
  • Removable high-pressure interior nozzle wall panels
  • 7800 FPM (39.62 m/s) average nozzle velocity
  • Industrial-Grade HEPA filter
  • Magnehelic pressure gauge
  • Wall return air grills with MERV 8 prefilters
  • Programmable microprocessor PLC with adjustable run time

Maintenance & Upkeep for Air Showers

Our air showers are designed to make routine maintenance and upkeep as simple as possible. Our air showers feature removable wall panels, allowing for thorough cleaning. Because the air showers are constructed from premium materials, including a painted steel shell and aluminum-framed glass doors, the surfaces can be efficiently cleaned.

Optional Stainless Steel Shell & Door Construction

We offer an optional stainless steel shell and door upgrade for enhanced longevity and corrosion resistance in harsh environments. Stainless steel is exceptionally easy to clean and provides an excellent solution for applications requiring the highest sanitation standards.

Air Shower Designs: Straight-Through Vs. 90-Degree

We manufacture a wide range of air shower styles, including our straight-through air showers and 90-degree air showers. As their names indicate, straight-through air showers allow individuals to walk directly through during the decontamination process, while 90-degree air showers feature an L-shaped turn. If you are unsure which air shower design is best for your application, contact us, and our team will gladly assist you in finding the best air shower style for your requirements.

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Clean Air Products is a leading manufacturer of premium cleanroom equipment. Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, we supply commercial and industrial customers nationwide with air showers, softwall & hardwall cleanrooms, pass-thrus, furniture accessories, and other custom cleanroom solutions. Our uncompromising commitment to quality means customers from the most demanding industrial sectors can trust Clean Air Products to supply cleanroom equipment for their critical applications. Industries we serve include:

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Interested in more information about our high-performance air showers? Contact us, and our staff will help guide you to the best air showers for your application's requirements. For pricing information on specific products, request a quote online. For premium air showers and cleanroom resources, choose Clean Air Products.