Motorized Ceiling Fan Filter Unit CAP119

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The CAP119 Motorized Ceiling Fan Filter Unit is the ultimate solution for vertical airflow cleanrooms. This industrial-grade cleanroom fan filter is designed to draw air through a top-mounted prefilter and blow air out the other side through a HEPA or optional ULPA filter. They are often installed in a ceiling grid system but can also be mounted on a support frame or suspended from a support structure. With a galvanized steel housing, variable speed controls, and a high-performance motor, the CAP119 is a versatile and reliable fan filter for industrial cleanrooms.

Premium Motorized Ceiling Fan Filters for Commercial & Industrial Cleanrooms

For cleanroom applications that require fan filters with vertical airflow, the CAP119 motorized ceiling fan filter is your solution. With industry-leading filtration and a powerful integrated motor, the CAP119 provides particulate control for industrial and commercial applications at an exceptional value.

Standard HEPA Filters & Optional ULPA Filters for Maximum Performance

At Clean Air Products, we use premium HEPA filters for all our cleanrooms and air showers. Our standard HEPA filters provide 99.99% efficiency on particles 0.3 microns or larger. You can also order optional ULPA filters that provide 99.999% percent efficiency on particles as small as 0.12 microns.

Reliable Airflow that Meets Regulation Standards

The airflow velocity of the CAP119 is factory-set in accordance with Federal Standard 209E (90 ± 20 FPM). The blower and motor assemblies are sized to provide proper air flow with a minimum 50% increase in HEPA filter pressure drop. This ensures years of dependable service from your custom fan filter unit without changing the HEPA filter.

High-Performance Motor & Speed Control

The CAP119 features a reliable electrically commutated (EC) motor (120v, 60Hz, 1.9A). The fan filters utilize single-intake, backward-curved impellers that are statically and dynamically balanced. Each blower is made from a high-performance composite material that is lightweight and durable. The internal direct drive blower and motor assembly are isolated from exterior housing. With adjustable speed controls mounted on the side, you can compensate for extra pressure drops caused by loading or contamination buildup on the HEPA filter surface.

Customization Options for the Cap119 Cleanroom Motorized Fan Filter Unit

At Clean Air Products, we supply cleanroom products to customers in a wide range of industrial sectors, each with varying filtration and cleanroom requirements. With various customization options, we ensure your motorized fan filter meets your application's needs. Custom options for our CAP119 fan filter include:
  • ULPA filter (99.999%)
  • Power cord
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Network Speed Control
  • And more!

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